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This week marks the end of National Smile Month. The team have been busy having fun with ‘Smileys’ but also doing our bit for the community, visiting Burton on the Wolds Playschool to talk to the kids about taking care of their oral health. It also seemed fitting to have a check in with Ash… Buy Axcion Phentermine

This is the first in a series of very short conversations with our Principle Dentist, Dr. Ash Champaneri where we’ll cover a range of topics which we hope will be of interest to you! In this piece, Ash shares a few insights on how he’s taking oral health seriously for his two boys; Kian and Shay.… Buy Generic Phentermine

Brushing your teeth is no big deal. Right? At Soar Valley Dental Practice we couldn’t disagree more! Though the task of brushing might look easy, it actually involves a lot of important things. Here’s an easy guide to 8 oral hygiene habits you want for the New Year. 1: Choose the right toothbrush Most dentists… Phentermine Cod

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