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  • Soar Valley Dental Practice

    I have been a patient of Soar Valley Dental Practice for sixteen years.

    As most definitely not a twice yearly check up patient but as " a complex had to have it all patient " I feel qualified in recommending the practice for their professionalism and expertise...

  • Soar Valley Dental Practice

    I have been a patient at Soar Valley Dental Practice for over twenty years. During that time I have always found the dentists, dental hygienists and support staff to be friendly and helpful, with a good sense of humour and above all a very professional approach to their work.

  • Soar Valley Dental Practice

    Just a short note to say how pleased I was with the four crowns you fitted last week, I was delighted with the result and very glad I took your advice. I was surprised how quickly and comfortably the time passed – definitely a good result for us both. Kind regards.

  • Soar Valley Dental Practice

    I have had exceptional treatment from all the staff here. I came as a new patient and have been treated well by all concerned. I would recommend the practice to anyone.

  • Soar Valley Dental Practice

    Ash is the most gentle, polite and professional dentist I have ever visited in over 40 years. The background music and bird song is very relaxing. Well done everyone!

  • Soar Valley Dental Practice

    I have been coming to this dental surgery for the past twenty years. I have been very impressed with the care given by the dentists. Ash has always been very considerate and easy to talk to about problems I have had with my teeth.

Amanda Wojak

Amanda Wojak


Amanda Wojak

Amanda joined our family as a receptionist in October 2015. Amanda has a wealth of experience in the reception role and thrives on providing exceptional customer service. Amanda fits right in with the practice sense of humour and enjoys meeting patients and getting to know our regulars.

Amanda is currently undertaking her NVQ’s in Customer Service and enjoys participating in practice training.

Outside out work Amanda enjoys spending time with her family and socialising with friends when time allows. Amanda has recently taken up taxidermy and is enjoying displaying her creations all around her family home.  She also enjoys baking and regularly competes in baking competitions, winning gold in an international cake competition!!

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