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Dr Devik Patel

Dr Devik Patel

Associate Dentist
Birmingham 2009
GDC No. 178062

Dev, an original Essex-boy, who grew up on the mean streets of Ilford, graduated from Birmingham Dental School in 2009 and joined us at Soar Valley Dental Practice to complete his foundation year with Ash. After completing this he moved to West Bridgford, Nottingham where he worked as a full time associate dentist. In March 2010, as he missed us so much he decided to return to his roots, to help us out on a Wednesday afternoon.  Dev loves the patients (and team) so much at Soar Valley Dental Practice that he has increased his days here and now works with us Tuesdays, Wednesday afternoon and Fridays, alongside Ash and Bali.  Dev’s calm and relaxed approach (not to mention ease on the eye) has helped many patients overcome their anxiety and fears of visiting the dentist. He believes that educating patients, especially children, in how to improve and maintain their oral health is the best way to promote dentistry.  He has a passion for orthodontics (Braces to you and me) and can offer minimally invasive private treatment and also facial aesthetics (like anti wrinkle treatment and fillers) – why not come and see him and see how he could help.

During his spare time, Dev loves to follow the international cricket scene and enjoys playing on the weekends himself when the British summer allows him. You can usually find Dev at the gym, or testing the local pubs’ variety of lagers, catching up on episodes of ‘Only Fools And Horses’ or spending time with his lovely new family.


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