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  • Soar Valley Dental Practice

    I have been a patient of Soar Valley Dental Practice for sixteen years.

    As most definitely not a twice yearly check up patient but as " a complex had to have it all patient " I feel qualified in recommending the practice for their professionalism and expertise...

  • Soar Valley Dental Practice

    I have been a patient at Soar Valley Dental Practice for over twenty years. During that time I have always found the dentists, dental hygienists and support staff to be friendly and helpful, with a good sense of humour and above all a very professional approach to their work.

  • Soar Valley Dental Practice

    Just a short note to say how pleased I was with the four crowns you fitted last week, I was delighted with the result and very glad I took your advice. I was surprised how quickly and comfortably the time passed – definitely a good result for us both. Kind regards.

  • Soar Valley Dental Practice

    I have had exceptional treatment from all the staff here. I came as a new patient and have been treated well by all concerned. I would recommend the practice to anyone.

  • Soar Valley Dental Practice

    Ash is the most gentle, polite and professional dentist I have ever visited in over 40 years. The background music and bird song is very relaxing. Well done everyone!

  • Soar Valley Dental Practice

    I have been coming to this dental surgery for the past twenty years. I have been very impressed with the care given by the dentists. Ash has always been very considerate and easy to talk to about problems I have had with my teeth.

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontics, is an essential procedure to save your tooth that is needed when the pulp (the blood or nerve supply) of your tooth becomes infected through decay or injury.

Without root canal treatment, you could end up losing your tooth. Once the pulp of a tooth becomes infected, the infection may spread through the root canal system, eventually leading to a painful dental abscess and possibly to tooth loss.

Root canal treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic, and many patients report that it feels no different to having a filling, although treatment time will be longer, because root canal treatment is a skilled and delicate procedure.

In most cases, you will need to visit us at least twice. At the first appointment, the root canal of the tooth is thoroughly cleaned to remove all traces of infection. We use the latest equipment including single-use rotary files, as part of our strict cross infection control.

The length of your appointment will vary as different teeth have a different number of root canals; whilst front teeth usually have a single root with a single root canal, back teeth can have two or more roots each with two or more root canals.

If you have an abscess this will be drained at your first appointment and your tooth will be shaped ready to be filled. We will then insert a temporary filling and leave your tooth to settle.

When you come back for your second appointment, we will check that the infection has fully cleared before permanently filling the tooth. It is good practice to place a crown on top of a root-treated tooth because the tooth will be weakened by treatment, and a crown will provide additional strength.

Root treated teeth can be prone to discolouration and darkening.

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